2016/2017 Annual Report // Rapport Annuel 2016-2017

WUSC Local Committees

Mobilizing a generation of deep thinkers, go-getters, and change-makers in Canada

Global challenges need global solutions

It is up to each and every one of us to create the world we want to live in. Supporting Canadians to understand this when they are young is an integral part of our approach to development, as such efforts can result in lifelong commitments to inclusion, equality, and social good.

By tapping into their desire to learn, WUSC helps young people in Canada better understand the world around them. We then help them turn that understanding into positive contributions for global development.

Our national youth network

in 2016/2017


people engaged across Canada through Local Committee activities and events


Local Committee members on 83 campuses across Canada


increase in Local Committees membership from 2015 to 2016

Unleashing the potential of 2.1 million

Three key ingredients can transform an idea into a global solution. The first is the inclusion of diverse perspectives, particularly from those closest to the problem. The second is a willingness to engage in cross-cultural collaboration. The third is the courage and leadership to try something new. Through our WUSC Local Committees, we provide students with hands-on learning to develop all three of these skills. We provide them the tools, resources, and opportunities to take action and influence decisions that change lives.

There are some 2.1 million students currently attending post-secondary education in Canada. These young minds contain unlimited inspiration and ideation toward a better future. It was students who formed the first World University Service committee in Canada in the 1930s. And it is young leaders who continue to propel our organization forward today.


WUSC Local Committees driving awareness and action across Canada

Present on 83 campuses across the country, and 5 overseas, our network of students engaged in many activities this past year to mobilize greater awareness and support for global development on their campuses and in their communities. We provided our Local Committee members with information and materials to raise awareness, while also ensuring they have the space to be creative so that they can find new ways to mobilize action.

Through our WUSC Local Committees, we also provide students with access to a national network of like-minded youth. We encourage our members to connect, to learn from one another, and to inspire one another. Together, we tap into our collective belief in the positive role of education to create positive change in Canada and around the world.

Our WUSC Local Committees also play an integral role in the Student Refugee Program (SRP). Sixty-nine of our committees in Canada also formed sponsoring groups in 2016/2017, supporting us in the resettlement of more than 140 refugee youth. Many of our Local Committee members are former refugees themselves, SRP alumni who are now in their second, third, or fourth year of studies. These youth provide academic and social support to students arriving through the SRP. They also counter negative discourses about refugees in their communities and advance a greater global understanding. In addition, nearly one million students in Canada supported the SRP through an annual levy on their tuition. They also attend Local Committee-led awareness-raising and fundraising events, shared messages of inclusion, and helped foster more welcoming communities.

In Canada and around the world, these youth are having a tremendous impact. They are creating a more inclusive world and are amplifying our response to the global refugee crisis. Their work this past year has been truly inspiring and we have been deeply honoured to work alongside them.